Snapseed Editing : Sleeping Shots

Hello again!

Holy moly! What a wonderful response to the last video and blog post that I did. So many were so grateful for my tutorial. 

So! Here's another. I did this tutorial on my iPad so it could be easier to see full screen BUT it cut off the top and the bottom. I do a pretty good job of walking you through what I am doing so if you follow along with the app open on your phone you should be able to see what I'm talking about. These are edits that you could apply to any photos that your take, I just go over some tools that I use all the time. A few tools I'd like to mention in this blog post are:

Zoom & Selective: Pinch the screen to zoom in and out on the photo AFTER you have selected the tool you want. For example, select the selective tool, reverse pinch (best way to explain it!) the screen to zoom in on the area you want to edit, then tap the screen where you want the selective tool to be. Pinch the screen to change the area that is selected, you'll see it highlighted in red, indicating the areas of the photo you will edit. Hold you finger down and move the tool around, selecting the color you want to edit in the photos. You'll see this in the tutorial

Brush Tool: There are 4 options to the brush tool, I mostly use exposure. You can use the arrows on either side to change the amount of exposure you are appling to the image when you use your finger to "brush" it on.

Last Edits: Probably my most used tool in the app. Since most of my photos are the same lighting I just zip through a whole nap session editing them all the same, I may make a few tweaks here and there unique to a shot, but overall I add the same edits to each photo. FUN TIP: you can open an old photo in snapseed, export it and then take those edits and apply it to another photo. So, for example, I might edit a flat lay which has different edits than a sleeping photo. Instead of starting from scratch with my edits, I go back in my phone and find a photo I edited before that has simialir lighting. I then open it, export it and then open the photo I want to edit now. Then select last edits. Edit edit edit edit! I wonder how may times I will say that... !!! 

Anyways, I could go on and on with tips, but let's save those for another time. For now, enjoy watching how I edit this sweet babes sleeping shots. Someday they will end, she won't be 18 and napping like this! (or will she!?) I want to cherish these photos forever and I hope these tutorials help you take better photos of your sweet babies.









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