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Hello, my bonnet loving friends!

 My name is Tia and some of you may know me, I am the mother to Pheonix, @lifeofphiphi on Instagram. We have been devoted SAA followers since Pheonix was about 3 or 4 months old and she’s 3 years old now - so we’ve definitely been along for the ride, from the Etsy days until now. And one of the reasons I have gravitated towards SAA is because I loved her mission of reducing textile waste #onebonnetatatime and that she used vintage and pre-loved materials to create her beautiful bonnets. SAA was one of the first brands that I followed on Instagram, she opened the door to so many amazing small shops such as @junebeebaby, @beamingambersun, @dolcedreams, @sunandlace, @wild_fire_water_, just SO many! I thank her for that because now I am the proud owner of my own small shop called @alf_phi.


We were definitely inspired by SAA, we are a sustainable, eco-friendly children’s clothing brand that only uses pre-loved, vintage, and deadstock textiles to handcraft our garments. I started this company with my cousin in the UK but I am solely responsible for all the operations here in the US. Meaning I do everything from - marketing, to thrifting, to expenses, to the Instagram, to all of the product photos, to the editing, to the website... I am a one-woman show over here and it is quite overwhelming. So, I give big props to all of my mamas who have started and maintained amazing small shops. One reason I love small shops is that I know that I am giving my dollars to a family and not a corporation. I am helping to put food on the table for their children and put their kids in dance class, I am helping them to pay their mortgage - so I prefer to spend my dollars that way.



Alf-Phi is such a labor of love. It brings so many of my loves together. I have always loved fashion - before acting and dancing took over my life I always thought I was going to be a fashion designer. I also love vintage fashion and items. I love things that have a history, I love things that have lived another life because they have stories, memories, feelings, and beauty. I love the fact that now we’re passing that on. Also learning about the toll that textile waste is taking on our planet. It is the second most polluting industry on our planet and something needs to be done about that - the situation needs to be addressed now. Patrick Grant from Savile Row recently said that there’s enough clothing on the planet to clothe the next six generations of the human race - how crazy is that? We wouldn’t have to make another textile for over 100 years if we already used what’s on the planet instead of just throwing it away. So that is a big mission for Alf-Phi - sustainability and being eco-friendly. We aim to be a no waste company, that no usable scrap of fabric is thrown away. I have a whole bunch of fabric leftover right now, our inventory is quite small but I am speaking with a bow maker hoping that we can send her some scraps and maybe we can do something together, I just don’t want to throw away anything.



So that is a little bit about me and the inspiration behind why we started Alf-Phi. I hope that we can help others become more sustainable, more eco-conscious, and thoughtful about how they spend their dollars and where they spend their dollars. I have big dreams for this little brand and we will how that goes! I worked with two amazing seamstresses freelancing with them to help put my launch collection together but since then the two restocks that I have done I’ve done all the sewing! So that has been another interesting challenge for me on top of everything else.


 (Please refer to the IGTV video to see Tia's full workspace!)


So friends! That’s it, that’s a bit about me, my company and how we work right now. We are very small, we’re very new but we hope that great things are on their way. Please give us a follow over on our page at Alf-Phi and let us know what you’re interested in, what sizes, what kind of material, what kind of styles. I’m hoping to introduce some more gender-neutral items into the store as well and would love to hear your feedback and comments. For this restock (Aug 4th 10 am PST) I have put the fabric content on the descriptions because I know some littles are very particular about their fabrics. I want to make sure you know that before you purchase. All of our items right now are one of a kind. They’re made from skirts, dresses, men and women shirts - the material that we have to work with is very limited but that also means that only you will have that design in that fabric! It’ll be a one-of-a-kind item for your one of a kind babe!



So I just want to thank you guys again for taking the time to get to know me and my new brand Alf-Phi. Please give us a follow and let us know what you think. And I want to thank Carrie again for featuring us this week it means the world to me. Carrie has become a great friend - I appreciate who she is and all she does, her creativity and drive are really motivating and inspiring to me so this is a great honor. Thank you guys and I will see you soon!