✂️ thrift ♻️ flip 🙌🏻

Gosh we had so much fun filming this video. If you screenshot the video perfectly when the blanket comes up in the “after” shot you can see her sweet little grinning face. She loves these bonnets, her @harperimandolls & creating these reels with me ❤️
And I love upcycling clothing into bonnets. It’s not always the easiest thing to do so I always like to take the time to chat a bit about our process as a business because there’s a lot that goes into making these bonnets. We don’t just purchase new yardage & create these collections. We aim to reduce textile waste by ensuring that the majority of our fabric, whether hunted down or donated by our customers, is almost always vintage, out of print, upcycled, or deadstock - which in simple terms means leftover fabrics from fashion houses or textile plants that would eventually end up in the garbage. This is also why most bonnets are so limited. Typically all of these fabrics are found in small batches & while we can sometimes find them again we never assume we can bring a bonnet back once that fabric is used.
At least one part of every bonnet we make (bonnet, lining, ruffle) is vintage, upcycled, and/or donated. Trims are NEW material that we purchase & create ourselves. This is important because it gives the bonnet integrity, durability & quality that we couldn’t guarantee with vintage but also because it’s essential to buy it in very large quantities which helps us to keep the flow of bonnets going & selling what we believe to be the best product we can. It’s because of those new materials we’re able to continue sticking to the heart of our mission which is, saving the world from textile waste, #onebonnetatatime! ❤️♻️🙌🏻

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