Best Friends ❤️

They're the best of friends but they sure can FIGHT! But they will always have each other & even though they giving me new gray hairs daily 👵🏻 they're the best kiddos I could ever ask for. They had a swell time filming this video with me! It was so fun to do & to have Leia wear the custom bonnet we made for her was so wonderful. Below you can see little tiny baby Leia in the original version of the bonnet that she has on in this video. We found the embroidery again & finally after 2 years I was able to get her size up in our most loved bonnet. But you don't always have to just recreate something we've already designed - if you're interested in learning more about customs just keep reading ⤵️

Custom bonnets are bonnets made from fabric that YOU send in. There are two listings each week for these customs - danish & ruffle/sun brimmed style. I will design to your specifications but I also let it be known that I have a bit of artistic freedom with these bonnets, as I do with my own collections. You can send in two fabrics, one for the bonnet & one for the lining which I will try to make work together. You can also send in embroidery for me to design a bonnet from but just as we don't with our own releases they will not be reversible. It can be anything you like - a grandmother's apron, a loved one's shirt, a wedding dress, or a vintage fabric you love.


All custom bonnet materials are sent directly to Janelle, my "remote assistant". She cuts your bonnet, reaches out with questions & ships everything to me with her other weekly packages. She's highly skilled in seeking out vintage goods, she knows textiles so well & she’s a huge fan of this business - as we are of her, too - she is so WONDERFUL! I love designing customs & I am really grateful to have Janelle helping me.


Everything’s outlined on the website here if you have any questions or you can comment below & I will do my best to answer! Love & custom bonnets, guys ❤️

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