Mental Health Matters

You know what’s hard? Longing for a baby & overcoming the heartache of a miscarriage. You know what’s even harder? Owning a baby brand whilst doing it 💔
Last week I posted a reel sharing how grateful I am for this business & today I am feeling overwhelmed because I need to show up for it. How can something I feel so passionate about & love so much also be something that makes me want to hide my head under the covers & sleep all day. Both of those things can be true at the same time & for a I’ve always struggled with admitting it. But today I need a break. I need to spend time at home by myself (something I never get) I need to crochet each row of this blanket & pray it brings us one step closer to our rainbow baby 🌈❤️
I need to do some of the things that since our miscarriage I have pushed away - the things that make me lose myself yet become more self aware at the same time. Honestly I haven’t wanted to visit that place because it’s a sad one. But this, too, shall pass ❤️ I’m grateful for your love & support - not just with our bonnets but for this crazy thing we call life. I own & manage this business but first & foremost I am a mother & a wife. Both of those aspects of my life are struggling right now & a day is needed to regroup. I’ll be back tomorrow with bonnets - they’re very lovely & I can’t wait to show you.


Poem read by : @christi.steyn 

Written by :  @b.oakman

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