New Bonnets Restock Friday at 6pm EST 🌿

Happy new week guys! I love long weekends but I have to say I’m not sure I love short weeks 😆  it just means I have to cram the whole weeks worth of restocks into 3 days AND push to get two days worth of work done in one day 🙃 but I can’t really complain because this past Fridays restock was a near sellout! How amazing is that!? We’re so grateful for all the new customers & so many bonnets have sold.


So that means I am stepping it up this week! 🤣  well, not really - these were the bonnets I had in my bins BUT we do have 3 highly sought after bonnets in one release along with some beautiful embroidery & the most epic cap brim ⚾️  🙌🏻❤️  The sizes, linings & pricing are all available here. Then those bonnets you see in the preview will all be available for purchase on Friday at 6pm EST! When browsing the website preview please be sure to keep these points in mind ⤵️


🌿  The sizes you see are the sizes the bonnets come in, they're all ready to ship. I cannot take a larger bonnet & make it a smaller size or combine two bonnets to make one larger one. I am not a magician 😂

🌿  Please be sure to measure! Our bonnets do run a little big & all babies are different. I have a "RELEASE DAY FAQs" page where you can find lots of info including how to measure your babe's head. If you’re hoping to order a ruffle brim & measure at the top of a size range you should size up.

🌿  Some bonnets are one of a kind, others are only 5-7 bonnets of the same size. The bonnets are all made from preloved, donated & vintage materials. We can only cut & sew what the garment/yardage will yield for bonnets. Once these are sold I may never be able to make them again.


That's it! As always, come back here to tell me what you love. Can’t wait to hear which is your favorite or maybe you don’t want to share 😏❤️  Love & bonnets, guys. Thanks for always being here & supporting what our whole team loves doing 🤗

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