Our Story

I will continue to tell this story forever & ever because if it can inspire ONE person to push for their dreams even through big life changes it worth it to me. Because honestly if I could go back & tell that mother who had a 6-month-old & a newly diagnosed autistic 3-year-old that her life would look like this today I would.
It's been 5 years since I cried myself to sleep not knowing what our life was going to look like, how would we afford for me to stay home, what will I do to make ends meet? We lived in the tiniest two-bedroom apartment at the time, Marc was working full time & I was bringing Leia to work with me every day (Elliot was in preschool & we had family who could help with childcare) I knew that my creative soul & our bank account required me to do something - so I started a blog. That's all SAA was meant to be. A place for me to tell our story & document our growth. Never in a million years did I think this would happen - I had no idea that this business would grow as it did, I didn't realize we'd gain so many friends & customers 🤗 I thank my lucky stars every day that this gift of a business has been given to us.
And it truly is a gift - it's the gift of time. Marc was able to leave his job just 6 months after I started this business allowing us to have in-home therapies for the kids, we were able to help Elliot grow & overcome a lot of sensory issues, we now have Leia in private speech therapy that without this business we would never be able to afford. Our schedule is flexible enough to spend the time we need to with our children, run this business & get them the help they've needed over the years to now be the best little humans they can be. Thank you never seems to cover it, we're beyond grateful for all of you. I will just continue to tell my story & in hopes to inspire others to JUST KEEP GOING. Do. Not. Stop! 🙌🏻❤️

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