Sweet As April Design Contest

It is finally happening! I have always been inspired by my friends at Golden Coil - they have done a design contest every year over 6 years and the submissions are BEAUTIFUL! I have wanted to do this in some capacity but never had the means to create fabric from patterns for our bonnets UNTIL NOW!

I never wanted our Shop Exclusive collection to only feature my designs, I really wanted it to be a place where I could showcase not only what I do for SAA, other brands and our Shop Curated collection but to also showcase other talented artists. 

This design contest seems like that best way to kick that idea into full gear. I am so excited about this & cannot wait to see what you all design.

So, here are all the details on how to enter the contest

Here is how you enter:

  1. Create your design - repeating patterns work the best for printing fabric
  2. Use our Mock Up to post your design to your social media (you can also just post your design BUT we recommend using our template!)
  3. You need to tag @sweet_as_april in the caption, on the post and be sure to use the hashtag #SAAdesigncontest2024
  4. Lastly, I need for you to submit your design files & info right here


I will be choosing (with Mom & Marcs help, of course!) 10 designs to move into the final round where our SAA community will vote on the designs. Entries will be accepted between April 24 to May 10th. I will then give myself that next week to sort through entries & pick the finalists. Then voting will open on a post on SAA Instagram on May 19th (my birthday!) and end on May 26th. We will announce the winner byJune 1st!


What you will get:

  • $100 cash money!
  • Both style knit bonnets - pixie & danish - for you & a friend. You can pick whatever size/s you like
  • We will promote your artwork on our IG feed & tag you anytime your design is featured. This will be true for our blog, website & other social media platform as well


The nitty gritty:

  • We will only accept submissions that are of your original artwork & it must be posted in a new IG post. It can be a design you have already created but the post for the design contest must be current
  • We will allow only a maximum of ONE entry per person.
  • Artwork needs to be 300dpi & preferably a repeating pattern - grid or half drop patterns work best


Use of Artwork:

  • Submissions will be in form of PRINT files so we can be sure your artwork will work for our fabric printer. Watermarked submissions are ok as long as the file size is print ready (this will allow me to determine scaling for printing)
  • We will only use the WINNERS artwork. All submissions remain the property of the artist, we will not use, sell or distribute your work.
  • The winning design will be put into production for 1 year & remain exclusive to SAA for the duration.

That's it! If you have ANY questions you're welcome to contact us here

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