This is why I do this...

Translation if you should you need it is "Mommy, I miss you - Daddy said he’d call me downstairs when it's time to go trick or treating. I will see you when we leave home, ok? *big kiss*" 😍🤣 When I tell you I laughed out loud when I listened to this voice memo from her on Sunday I am not exaggerating - I truly did burst out laughing because of how animated she is even through her iPad voice memos. I could FEEL that kiss she sent to me!
Owning this business means that sometimes I have to work all day on Sundays in order for the week to run smoothly & that I miss out on things like Halloween because there's no one else to do the job only I can do - BUT it also means that I can be there for her when she needs me most - like speech therapy. And if this voice memo isn't a testament to how well she is doing I don't know what is. Complete sentences come out in these voice memos she sends me so I do my best to save every single one of them, share them with her private speech therapist & tell him to give himself a pat on the back 👏🏻 We have gone from hoping she would someday express her thoughts to now correcting the "Me went trick or treating" to "Leia, let's say 'I went trick or treating' ok?" - she gets it, she's catching on - everything is starting to click.
And why, do you ask, am I sharing this mid holiday collection week - isn't there something else that would make more sense pertaining to the business & the collection that's restocked on Friday? Well, the thing is that not too many holiday seasons ago my only wish was for her to say "Mama" for Christmas 😭 to hear how far we've come, to get these messages from her, to watch her succeed each week with her therapies (we just had a wonderful meeting on Friday about her progress) IT MEANS the WORLD to me & we wouldn’t be able to do it without this business - so it has everything to do with these restocks because this business is the reason I get to be there for her when she needs me most ☺️

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