You cannot do it all...

 I recently had a podcast interview with @theinsidermom (check out the episode is posted if you fancy a listen! ) & one of the questions Royah asked me "when was the time that I realized I needed to get more people on board?" - And I will be honest, a question like this in the past would make me cringe, maybe even make me a bit defensive - I thought I was supposed to do it all. But over the past 5 years what I have learned is that no one person can do it all - whether that is in motherhood, owning a business, planning a big life event - whatever it may be, you cannot expect to handle everything yourself.

So, for me, it was growing this business. Can I make this bonnet you see here? I sure can. Did I once make every ruffle, sun brim, danish style, eyelet, embroidered bonnet we sold - you bet I did. But in November 2016 when I had a holiday sale that sold over 50 bonnets in one night I quickly realized I could not handle it all. Thankfully during that sale, my mother hauled her sewing machine up to our tiny apartment to help me fulfill the orders. We then powered through until the end of the year, closed for the month of January to reorganize the business & hired Arleen. At the beginning of February 2017, we had our first ready-to-ship release & ever since then I have designed the bonnets, Arleen sews them & Mom trims them.
I enjoy sewing one of something. I like to see that one bonnet come together, how the trim looks, how the ruffle frames the bonnet, how when you flip the reversible bonnets you get an entirely different look. I do not enjoy sewing 150 of something a week which is what we currently produce with this business. Learning to delegate the tasks I do not excel at to those who love doing them has been what's grown this business & I am now SO proud of that. Not only do I get to have my dream job but others do, too, because of this business we've grown together.

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