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Bonus BonnetsĀ are made from materials that are donated to us or things that I've held on to over the years that I say to myself "that would make one very nice bonnet" & then it sits in my fabric stash for a long time until I am inspired to use it - true story šŸ˜† but there are also times that an upcycled garment yields more bonnets than I anticipated leaving me with a few more cutouts than I have linings for OR there is an embroidery that will only make one stunning bonnet... whatever it might be, either scraps in my studio or leftovers from past designs, we aim never to waste any textiles & use all that we can to make these bonnets.
That also means that they are very limited - I never know what will happen with these sales, sometimes they go quickly & sometimes there are lots leftover - but what I do know is that I love what we're doing with this business & pushing ourselves to use every bit of fabric we own, reduce textile waste & create a beautiful product for you guys to enjoy.


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