Bonnets available Saturday at 6 pm EST

Bonnets available Saturday at 6 pm EST

Who’s ready for this PREVIEW!? My preview works like this: you’re able to see all of the bonnets that will be available on drop day here on our website. We are still adding bonnets this week so I'll be notifying you on instagram of any new ones we add throughout the week. The add to cart will appear on Saturday at 6pm EST, until then they are just in preview mode. 



Although we have gone back to our old preview method of sharing it on our website DO NOT save direct links to your bonnets for faster checkout on release day. They will not work. We've decided not to implement a captcha right now (a "check this box to prove you're not a robot" step during checkout) but will instead be utilizing other methods to ensure the shopping experience is fair for everyone. Your checkout page will remain the same, all of the work done is on our end. I did this to continue having a streamlined process for you guys because you do all show up every month, I want it to remain the same for you. 



There are a few options at checkout: you can checkout through Shopify using a credit card, Apple Pay, PayPal, & Google Pay. Apple Pay is proving to be a bit faster than PayPal lately. If you plan to use Apple Pay DO NOT use the browser that is linked to Instagram, it does not support Apple Pay. Apple Pay will only work if you use your phones Safari browser. There are no cart holds. If another customer is faster than you at checking out the bonnet/s you have in your cart can be bought by another customer while you're trying to make your payment. To avoid people purchasing the bonnet/s that are in your cart a lot of people choose to place multiple orders to ensure they get the bonnets they want. They are "carting" one bonnet they want, check out fast and then go back to see if their second choice is still available. If so, they check out again. If you do this we CANNOT refund your shipping. Think of the extra shipping charge as insurance that you snagged the bonnets you wanted.


We have over 40 designs with more to come this week. There are, as of right now, 423 bonnets available. Since the last drop, I have gained quite a few more followers and many have been asking if these bonnets sell fast. In the past, yes they have, but I never know what each drop will bring. The bonnets are all 1-10 of a kind and most will not be able to be made again.





Anything lace, embroidered or brimmed:

Newborn $20
0-3 months $22
3-6 months $24
6-12 months $26
12-18 months $30
18-24 months $32
2t-4t $34

Everything Else:

Newborn $18
0-3 months $20
3-6 months $22
6-12 months $24
12-18 months $28
18-24 months $30
2t-4t $32


We cannot combine orders. Shipping is a little over $3 for one bonnet within the US, $10 ish for Canada, and $12-$16 everywhere else. Multiple bonnets in one order may change that shipping because it is based on weight. We ship wordlwide.

Please only purchase a bonnet if you REALLY want one. In the past, people have bought bonnets and have wanted to return them instantly saying that they got "click happy". That requires us to relist the bonnet quickly so that other buyers can get what they want. This then causes a lot of confusion on our shipping end.


Please be sure your address is correct, we want to be sure your bonnet gets to the right house! 


We cannot refund for misused coupon codes. With over 400 orders to fulfill, sending refunds is just not possible. If you are using a coupon code I recommend having it ready to copy and paste in the coupon code field, saving a little bit of time and avoiding typos.


I'll say it again because I always get messages about it after the drop: we cannot combine shipping. In order for this to run smoothly we need to fulfill the orders they way they come in. Consider the extra shipping charge as insurance you got the bonnet you wanted. Some people want to help us by offering to have their bonnets shipped together without the requesting a refund, wanting to save us from using extra packing time/materials. I appreciate you guys for that but honestly, the way it all runs, it's hard to fish out your orders and combine them. You'll get lots of extra business cards and packing materials to hand off to strangers when they comment on your beautiful bonnet!


First measure from jawbone up around the head (above the forehead) and back down to the other side, then the second measurement from one temple to around the back of the head to the other temple. If you are in between sizes I recommend sizing up.
Newborn 11.5" and 10" (this size is meant for a fresh outta the oven baby, tiny of tiniest bonnet)
0-3 months 13.5" and 12.25"
3-6 months 14" and 12.5"
6-12 months 14.5" and 14
12-18 months 16" and 14.5"
18-24 months 16.5" and 15.25"
2t-4t 18.5 and 16
(recommend sizing up in the RUFFLE brimmed bonnets, no need to size up for the regular sun brimmed bonnets)
Watch this video on how to measure: (we shot it on my iPhone which is why the quality isn't great, but you get the idea!)

Care Instructions:
Bonnets must be hand washed, hung to dry. Cool iron if needed.
Sleep Safety: 
Although I often show Leia sleeping in a bonnet and I may post sleeping babies in bonnets to my Instagram feed I do not recommend leaving a baby unattended sleeping in a bonnet. I almost always take Leia's bonnet off of her during her naps and when she was younger we did not have her wear them in the car. Please use all safety precautions with bonnets since they do tie around the neck.
Why doesn't my bonnet look like the listing photo?
When working with preloved materials, especially the embroidered ones, we cannot photograph every single bonnet. So the layout of the print or embroidery may differ on your bonnet in comparison to the listing photo. But what I try to picture are the colors. If all the colors are the same with each bonnet and they look similar I will only photograph the smallest size. Usually, the bigger the bonnet the more print/embroidery you're going to get. If you are unhappy with the look of your bonnet you're able to return it within 30 days of purchase if it is unused and in sellable condition. 
Since my bonnets are made from preloved clothing I cannot always tell exactly what the material make up is. Please use great care when laundering the bonnets 

 A lot of shops message me interested in wholesale and with the amount of work we already do I can't see it happening anytime soon. If we ever do open orders for wholesale I will be sure to notify everyone on Instagram


Returns and Exchanges:
If a bonnet is sent back to me in a sellable condition within 30 days of purchase I am able to refund your order (not the shipping) but you may have even better luck passing it onto another family by selling it on our buy/sell/trade site

Custom Bonnets:

Click here for more info. All sales are final on custom bonnets.
Cancel Your Order:
You may request a cancellation within 12 hours of ordering. Please provide your order number in your email subject.
Turn Around Time:
All of our bonnets are ready to ship aside from the custom bonnets which can take anywhere from 2-3 weeks to finish from the date we RECEIVE your fabric. We restock monthly and notify our customers on our Instagram as to the exact date and time. We also do collaborations with other brands and mini releases, all of those updates can be found by following Sweet As April on Instagram
Once your order ships you should receive an email with tracking information attached. Please allow up to 24 hours for USPS to update its location.

Sweet As April Studios:

Bonnets are made, packed and stored in houses that are pet-friendly and smoke-free. Sealed plastic bags are used to store the bonnets and they have little to no contact with pet dander. If you wish to wash your bonnet before wearing we recommend you follow the bonnet care instructions that are provided with your packaging.

Lost Package or Incorrect Address:
We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages.  Please ensure your shipping address is correct prior to placing your order as we cannot alter it once your order is placed. If your package is sent back due to an address error or post office error we are not responsible for getting your package back to you. We will notify you that is has come back and you're welcome to pay again to have it shipped. If you are not wanting to pay for it to be shipped again we are happy to refund your order.


We ship worldwide and to FPO addresses. 


You can create a customer account for faster checkout if you want but it's not required. If you click the little person icon in the top right corner of the screen you can fill out all the info we need. 


Some have found it helpful to be signed into PayPal before they check out to ensure everything goes smoothly


I get flooded with DMs and emails after a drop. I try to answer everyone and make sure that things are dealt with, but I am only one person! I have help with all other aspects of this business (which I am so grateful for!) but I am the only person who runs my IG/email/website correspondence. Please try to be patient with me.


Lastly, if you have any questions you’d like to ask me personally I will be doing a live stream on Instagram Thursday of this week. I will announce the time in a post on IG. In that live stream, I will show the linings of the bonnets, talk about sizing and how to measure your baby's noggin for the perfect fit.


I love this business more than I can even put into words. You have all lifted me up this past year. I started this whole thing a bit over two years ago and it has been such a journey for me. One of tears, triumphs, obstacles, some heartbreak and a lot of joy. Your love for my brand and my family makes every sleepless night and queasy stomach worth it. I get so nervous about these previews hoping we have created something for everyone.


Give a round of applause to my team, please, they truly deserve it. Arleen who is my expert cutter and seamstress, Mom who is the trim maker, trimmer of bonnets and embroidered bonnet maker, I am the one who designs them all, takes all the photos and manages the marketing end of everything. Then last but not least, there is Marc. He is my rock, the one who feeds me and the children/bathes those children/cleans house/groceries/ties all the bonnets/ships bonnets… never-ending support. We all do A TON to make this whole thing go. I’m exhausted just thinking about all of it.


I hope you love what I’ve designed because I surely do. Best job in the whole world, I feel like I’ve been given a gift and that gift is all of you. Thank you doesn’t even begin to cover it.

If you have any further questions that weren't answered above you can try reading my FAQs and Store Policies page. If you still can't find your answer shoot me an email or a DM on Instagram.


Love and bonnets, guys,


Carrie, Arleen, Mom, Marc, Elliot and little Leia