Collaborative Bonnets


I am so thrilled to bring this idea to you guys knowing that so many are excited for it. This page is going to go over all that you need to know about the Collaborative Bonnet. There are quite a few guidelines so please be sure to read through all of the information before you purchase the listing.


This collaborative bonnet will be made using a list of wishes that you provide me with. Upon purchasing the collaborative bonnet you will be emailed a PDF outlining all of the information below. Within that email there will be a link to a form you MUST fill out in order for me to get your information and be in touch with you about your ideas.


In this form you will provide me with your size, order number, full name, address, email, and a list of wishes for your bonnet. This list can include colors, trim ideas, ruffle, eyelet, brim choice… pretty much anything you’ve ever seen me make is achievable, just not with the same exact fabrics in the past. Let me show you some examples of what this request can look like:

Carrie Keefe

A land Far Far away

Size: 18-24 ruffle brim

Bonnet Wishes:
I really love earthy florals such as Tanya, Rosanna, Polly. You once made a custom Tasha ruffle brim with a polkadot fabric that I really loved. I enjoy big florals and tiny florals, so maybe the flip could have something on a smaller scale.


Size: 12-18 danish style (no brim)

Bonnet Wishes:
I really love jewel toned bonnets with dark purple trim, like Della Rose or the most recent Leia bonnet you did. I love purple, mustard, dark magenta, bold florals with dark backgrounds.


 Size: 12-18 danish style

Bonnet Wishes: (it can be as simple as this!)
Neutral lace bonnet with cream lace and a pretty floral flip! I love mauve pink with hints of purple and blue. Or I really love green and anything vintage!


So those are just some examples of what you could tell me in your bonnet wishes paragraph. Once I have that information I will email you back within a week with 6 choices for your bonnet fabric. From those 6 you will pick your top two, letting me know what your first choice is.  I will try to make your first and second choice fabrics work for the bonnet AND the flip UNLESS stated otherwise. If you state that you’d like an entirely different flip please provide me with another list of things you like in response to the email. Like maybe you want jewel tones on the outside and a small dainty floral for the lining. I can’t let you pick the lining fabric but I promise that I will do my best to make your wishes come true and make it beautiful


With all the information I will make you the best bonnet I can for you. The more information you give me the better! 

Please do keep these things in mind before you place your order:

  • I cannot guarantee that highly sought after fabrics will be available with collaborative bonnets (like Rosanna, Tanya, Dolly, Rosie) These materials often come in as custom bonnets and I do sometimes have leftovers. If you want to create a specific bonnet from a special fabric, your best bet is to find that fabric and send it in as a Custom Bonnet. Read all about custom bonnets here.

  • This collaborative bonnet is for people who would like to have a bonnet designed by me, for them, following a list of wishes that they have for their end product. This isn’t intended to be a listing where I am to just recreate past bonnets from materials I have on hand. I am happy to do that but do know that I don’t always have the materials in my studio anymore. I can always make you a bonnet inspired by something I have done in the past but I cannot always recreate past bonnets, some of the materials are ones that we simply cannot find. We’re always searching, but some are VERY hard to locate.

  • These will not be OOAK (one of a kind) bonnets. The fabrics I use to make these collaborative bonnets may also be available in upcoming releases. They may have a different flip, different trim, or be made into a different style entirely, but I want to be clear that the fabric may show up again as a regular SAA bonnet available at my weekly releases or in flash sales.
  • I cannot switch custom bonnet purchases made in past releases at the same price point (the sunbrim/ruffle custom bonnet) over to a collaborative bonnet.

  • Please keep in mind that some fabrics you have seen shared in stories may have already been designed into bonnets. Requesting specific fabrics styles (ie cream eyelet, jewel toned floral, Jane trim) in your bonnet wishes is encouraged but do know that using them is not always possible, but I can do my best to find things similar for you.

  • We will not be doing collaborative embroidered bonnets.

  • These bonnets will be non refundable but if your any reason your are truly unhappy with your purchase you can reach out to me via email at
  • These listings will be very limited so that I do not get overwhelmed with orders. I am one but you are many! But if I am able to do them in a timely fashion and keep up with designing I will offer more at our bi weekly customs releases


I hope this all makes sense. I really just want to give people a chance to get a special bonnet even if they do not enjoy the “hunt” for the perfect bonnet fabric. I don’t mind doing the hunting for you in my studio but I just want it to be clear what my limitations are so that through this new process I can stay sane


If you have any questions at all before purchasing be sure to reach out to me via email at I am happy to chat with you and clear up any questions you may have.