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For years now we’ve been upcycling garments, taking vintage textiles & expertly using donated materials to make the most beautiful bonnets. We’ve saved so many textiles from waste but we do know that not all textiles are destined for a landfill - there are those textiles that have special meaning, the ones sitting at the  back of your closet that you can’t seem to get rid of because of the memories attached to them. The dress, table runner, apron, or old shirt isn’t being used but it means too much to pass on.

That’s where our Custom Keepsake Bonnets come in. We can take those forgotten textiles that mean so much to you & transform them into something that can be loved again. We’ve reimagined wedding dresses, grandparents shirts, pillowcases, special maternity clothing, hand embroidered tablecloths, childhood curtains - you name it we’ve probably made a bonnet from it. We’re giving these special textiles a new life as a baby bonnet to soon be handed down again, as a keepsake, to keep those memories alive.

On this page I will go over exactly how these custom bonnets will work, their price points, what we need from you, what you can expect from us & how you can shop for these special bonnet listings.

If you’ve shopped with us before for customs bonnets please do keep reading as some things have changed


Danish Style (trimmed with no brim) $52

Eyelet/Fabric Ruffle/Sun Brim $58

Double Ruffle/Embroidered Ruffle $62

Custom Keepsake Bonnet listings are always limited & the listings will be in this collection with three separate choices for each style.

Fabrics we can use:

We prefer to work with cottons, rayons, & linens. We are happy to go over any of your fabric choices via email if you have any questions about whether or not your fabric will work. Polyester is not preferable as it doesn’t breathe well & anything sheer/beaded is very difficult to work with. If you have any questions be sure to email Janelle at

The measurements below are for the exact bonnet size. If you prefer not to cut down your own fabric ¼ yard minimum is required for a custom. See all sizing info here.

NB Side 7" x 7" (2 sides) -  Strip 5.25" x 12.25" (1 strip)
0-3 Side 8" x 8" (2 sides)  -  Strip 5.5" x 13.5" (1 strip)
3-6 Side 8.5" x 8.5"  (2 sides) -  Strip 5.5" x 13.5" (1 strip)
6-12 Side 9" x 9" (2 sides) -  Strip 5.75" x 14.5" (1 strip)
12-18 Side 9.5" x 9.5" (2 sides) -  Strip 6" x 15.25" (1 strip)
18-24 Side 10" x 10" (2 sides) -  Strip 6" x 15.25" (1 strip)
2T-4T Side 10.5" x 10.5" (2 sides) -  Strip 6.5" x 18.25" (1 strip)

Eyelets & Fabric Ruffles:
We will choose an eyelet trim from what we have in stock in our studio, you will not send your own. We work hard to source the best trims & are always purchasing new ones. As for fabric ruffles you are welcome to send a fabric to use but it must be 100% cotton & measure at a minimum of 4” x 44” in order for us to make the ruffle. Not all fabrics are “ruffle-able” so we reserve the right to use something from our own stash if that will make a better bonnet for you in the end.

A little housekeeping note:
We cannot send back unused fabric with your finished bonnet. Your fabric will initially be cut by Janelle, then sent to Carrie to design with, then to Arleen to sew, Mom to trim, Dad to transport, Carrie to inspect & Marc to ship. As our team grows & this business gets busier we cannot keep track of which fabric goes with what custom. Please be sure to follow the exact measurements above if you’re just wanting to send only enough fabric for your one bonnet. Any unused fabric may be used for additional bonnets or donated to another maker.

Turnaround Time:
To keep in mind different shipping times we are adding a bit to our turnaround time for these bonnets to be sure we can stay within a promised timeline. We will give ourselves a maximum of 6 weeks to have your bonnet finished when we receive your fabric. Please be sure to keep this in mind when choosing a size for your bonnet.

I think that goes over all the key points about these keepsake bonnets. After your purchase you will be emailed a link to the email associated with the account on your purchase. That link will automatically download a PDF with all the information you need to provide us with to make your bonnet. Please be sure to follow the instructions especially when labeling your bag. We need the label to be ATTACHED to your bag - whether that means the info is written directly on the bag, on paper & taped to the bag, printed on a label and stuck to the bag - just please have it attached to the bag somehow. Like I said above, these bonnets go through many hands in different states & studios so it’s crucial that we keep your textiles with your info so we can make you exactly what you hope for & be sure your bonnet makes it back to you.

Lastly, I want to add that it really means so much to us that you trust us with these textiles. It really is an honor to open these packages, read the stories that go along with the garments, hear your ideas & make your vision come to life. Whether it’s a textile you thrifted that you think is “bonnet worthy” & want to have a custom made OR it’s a family heirloom that you know would make an incredibly special bonnet - it’s so fun for us to hear your ideas. So, please do send notes with trim ideas, stories behind the textiles, thoughts, color ideas… anything that will make it feel like you’re “there with us” when we’re working on these special baby hats. 

We’re so excited to bring these back for everyone to enjoy again. We thank you for being so patient with us while we regrouped & we hope that we get to work with your textiles soon.

If you have any questions about anything regarding customs Janelle is an expert with them, she knows what our limitations are when it comes to designing & she’s ready to see your textiles & hear your ideas (or ready to relay them to me to get my feedback!) You can email her at