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One of my biggest collaborations to date is with the lovely Rose & Rail Clothier. Whitney and I have worked so hard to create a collection that pairs nicely together yet still expresses our own style with our brands. Available October 19th at 5 pm CST & 6 pm CST



So if you guys don't know the maker behind Rose & Rail, Whitney is the designer and seamstress of the lovely clothing you see here. Her business, much like mine, happened kind of by accident. She originally began making leather booties and shoes for her two boys, she wanted to create something for them that they needed much like I did for Leia when she was born, I made so many things. Upon the birth of her baby girl, Hazel, Whitney quickly fell in love with linen clothing for all her children. So, Rose & Rail was created, it's clothing for children that's designed with childhood in mind. The garments are meant to be not only beautiful but also comfortable and practical for adventures and play. 




Seeing her business grow has been one of the most rewarding things about the Instagram community. We have had the privilege of working with her since she stitched her first design, some of them we still wear today (Harem rompers that fit forever!) Watching her navigate gracefully (and sometimes not so gracefully) through being a stay at home, work from home, superwoman Mom Boss has been wonderful to witness. We have lifted each other up when we needed it most, laughed at crazy selfies sent to each other and have worked through some tough Mom/business trials together.



I want you to know all of this because I do not take these collabs lightly. I am so thoughtful about who I work with, how I work, when I work and what it is that we present to you. I always say that I cannot do things unless my whole heart is invested in it. And this collaboration with one of my most favorite clothing brands ever is one I am ENTIRELY invested in. 




So, for fear that I may ramble on longer, let's talk about these bonnets and her clothing. The stripe linen bonnet you see is made from a gorgeous linen, one that Whitney has coined "Sunset". And it is just that, every color you would see in a beautiful fall sunset. This bonnet is meant to be gender neutral, pairing so nicely with her Billow Romper which can be styled for both girls and boys (click the links to see some outfit inspiration) This bonnet would pair with anything in her collection as it contains every color of the gorgeous linens she uses in her fall line. On the reverse side of this bonnet, you will find the Amber linen, a reddish brown color that reminds me of crunchy fall leaves. That makes this Sunset Bonnet reversible and so versatile for her whole collection.



The next bonnet we have for you guys is one that holds true to the signature Sweet As April style, a vintage textile turned bonnet. This is the vintage textile that actually sparked this whole collaboration. When Mom found it I instantly thought of how amazing it would pair with the Honey, the Amber, and even the Copper linen from Whitney's collection. She has proven me wrong though but in a good way. It pairs beautifully with her Wisteria linen as well. It is trimmed with the Amber linen and is lined with a thin cotton. 


This collaboration is set to go live on Friday at 5 pm CST for bonnets here on my website and then an hour later at 6 pm CST on Rose & Rail's website. If you have already shopped her release early last month you can get a bonnet to pair with what you already own. But if you want to get a bonnet AND shop her release you'll get to do so without feeling rushed between websites at the same time. Her releases sell out really fast, once she hits order capacity she closes her shop. The reason for this is she wants to be sure she can stay within her turn around time since she is a one-woman show (well, word has it her husband helps cut her fabric, good GOOD man!)



So that's it! Be sure to DM me on IG if you have any questions about this collaboration. I will be doing an IGTV video this week showing you in detail each bonnet and the garments we own from Whitney. I am so excited about this release. I have loved working with Whitney, she is a dear friend and her clothing is impeccable.