New bonnets will restock every Friday at 6 pm EST. 

New bonnets will restock every Friday at 6 pm EST. 

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Hi! Welcome to our little part of the internet. We make handmade modern baby bonnets from preloved clothing, donated materials & vintage yardage. We have full-size range restocks if the textiles we're using that week will yield the full-size range. Some vintage textiles are smaller & will only make a limited number of bonnets. But we do our best to offer a great variety in all sizes every week. You can see what will be released on Friday at 6 pm EST by clicking here . To shop our in-stock bonnets that have been part of past releases you can click here  or visit our homepage and scroll down to the size categories.


**Please note that if you buy this listing to test your payment options it is non-refundable. You will receive a downloadable coloring page with this purchase sent to the email associated with your order**


Anything lace, embroidered, or brimmed:

Newborn $20
0-3 months $22
3-6 months $24
6-12 months $26
12-18 months $30
18-24 months $32
2t-4t $34

Everything Else:

Newborn $18
0-3 months $20
3-6 months $22
6-12 months $24
12-18 months $28
18-24 months $30
2t-4t $32

First measure from jawbone up around the head (above the forehead) and back down to the other side, then the second measurement from one temple to around the back of the head to the other temple.

Newborn 11.5" and 10" (this size is meant for a fresh outta the oven baby, the tiniest of tiny bonnets)
0-3 months 13.5" and 12.25"
3-6 months 14" and 12.5"
6-12 months 14.5" and 14
12-18 months 16" and 14.5"
18-24 months 16.5" and 15.25"
2t-4t 18.5 and 16



If you're purchasing an eyelet/ruffle brim bonnet please remember that if you're at the TOP of the measurements in a size category I recommend sizing up. That bonnet style fits a bit snugger than my other styles.


Do remember that on release day when I put the password page live do NOT refresh that password page when you're waiting to get into the site, be sure to bookmark (or just delete the /password at the end of the URL when you load the page) Bookmarking collection pages (3-6, 6-12 and so on...) will enable you to get to that collection page when the site reopens but saving direct links to bonnets WILL NOT work, you will need to navigate to the bonnet you want from the collection page. They will be listed in the order you saw them in the preview and the search panel will work to search for your bonnets.

If you have any questions please comment on my latest Instagram post so I can respond

Love and bonnets, guys,


Carrie, Janelle, Arleen, Mom, Marc, Elliot, and little Leia