The dreamiest floral ever!

Pinch me! I cannot believe this is happening - we’ve made so many of ourElleia bonnetover the last couple of weeks & I just HAD to have Mom stitch one up for Lily. I expressed to Mom yesterday that it’s so surreal to think this floral print didn’t exist before I created it - my vision, truly, brought to life. There’s lots more to come in March with my artwork 😍 I’ve shown…

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But why painting? And why now?

I am not sure why I feel I need to justify my leave of absence with my painting but I guess I feel that I owe it to my paints & brush to explain myself Or in this case my iPad. You know when you feel bad about something you have a close relationship with - be it a hobby/place/person - and you just can't seem to get around to spending time doing/visiting/seeing that thing you love?...

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Hand Painted with love ❤︎

A collection of our bonnets featuring our exclusive designs hand-painted in watercolor & eco-printed on organic cotton. You won't find these designs anywhere but Sweet As April.

Perfectly fitting bonnets made from natural fibers

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