A place for all my ramblings

I share daily on Instgram so this blog pretty much that same vibe. I know not everyone tunes in to social media & I want to have a place that's all our own, where the SAA community can convene & we can talk bonnets

Onward to Carrie's ramblings!

elleia made

I am poised with my paintbrush...

...and ready to paint ALL THE THINGS in my head - which can sometimes be a crazy place! But I. know after 8 years you're all here for the craziness. This blog will, again, echo my Elleia Made IG but be a place all our own - I cannot wait for it!

Onward to the pretty things!

It's april again

The center of it all

I have shared over & over again that I would not be here without the love & support of my family. I have abandoned my daily ramblings about life with our family in 2023 & I hope to pick it back up again because selfishly I miss getting to look back on it.

Onward to our crazy family!