Bloom Planner

Guys, I can never stick to a planner... so I designed one with that in mind! I can rarely stay consistent when using a planner & the beauty of this one is that you can just print the pages as you need them, your large store-bought planner doesn't sit on your desk unused. Your schedule may change with each season during the year - sometimes I need to plan my days & sometimes I don't.

I also can never stick to one TYPE of planner. Sometimes I enjoy digital planners, sometimes I need pen & paper. This allows me to use both depending on my mood or the reason for my planning.

You get over 40 pages in this planner with hand-drawn watercolor florals adorning each page - because let's face it... if it's pretty I will use it! There are weekly, daily & monthly spreads, but I have also made sure to include specific areas for habits, personal achievements, long-term goals, short-term goals, work/personal to-do's, and a place for notes. I have also included 4 art prints that you can either use as the cover, filler pages to inspire you or simply print them to frame. I plan to add more in the future - & the amazing thing is you'll have unlimited access to them with the purchase of this planner!

And that's just it - who wants to keep searching for a planner each year once you find one that works? My plan with this planner bundle is to keep designing pages as needed, add an undated version & keep adding new covers as I design them. So when you purchase this one planner you will also get LIFETIME access to all future pages, covers & updates. That's right, lifetime access. Once you figure out the combination of pages that work for you, or where you like to use your planner (in GoodNotes or printed) you will never have to worry about searching for another planner again.


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