I shared a little bit yesterday that I would be focusing less on IG as a place to share my thoughts & happenings with the kids & use this blog space more (kinda funny, blogs were ALL the rage before IG & FB - are we coming full circle? I LOVED BLOGS - anyways...)

I have this website, Sweet As April, with the lovely feature of blog posts which is beneficial to our business here - ever search Google & have blog posts come up in your search? (think of any recipe you've ever searched for...) They're a powerful tool! But I also like to be sure that my writing, photos & memories stay in a place where I can access them easily AND that I feel inspired to keep up with. Our personal IG was always a journal/scrapbook of sorts & I plan to make this exactly the same.

So, if you're along for this crazy ride - thanks for being here. If I am talking to no one - that's ok, too. I just really enjoy the process of documenting things & putting together content - so here's to feeling inspired again ❤️


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