5 Tips for Styling the Perfect Outfit

5 Tips for Styling the Perfect Outfit

My favorite thing about bonnets is that they can be the perfect starting point to style any outfit for any outing. Like this fall photoshoot with Lily, I knew I wanted to capture her first fall season before all the leaves were covered with snow & this outfit was the perfect color palette to complement her warm-toned scenery.

These are 5 things that I do with each outfit to create the perfect look:

1- Pick a Sweet As April bonnet that inspires you - it doesn't have to be a floral one like Lily has on, just something with colors that fit your baby's wardrobe
2- Pull out all the clothing you have that matches the colors in the bonnet - even if a color is CLOSE (Like with Lily's JuneBeeBaby sweater) add it to the pile.
3- Start building your outfit with lots of layers. Consider the weather, the location & the activity. For example, if Lily were walking & we were going to the playground I would probably opt to not put her in a long dress as that would impede her ability to play.
4- When building your outfit, make sure that like colors don't "touch" - so with Lily's outfit the shoes match the trim of the bonnet but they're far away from each other but they also match her top. The green tights & rust bloomers give your eye a break from that color as does layering the sweater on top
5- Make sure your baby is comfy. Nothing is worse than feeling icky in your clothes. I pick items that we wear daily, that can be layered so that if temperatures change we can layer them accordingly.

That's it! You can create some stunning outfits by using a bonnet as a starting point & just pulling the colors out of the design. You'd be surprised how many things you already own will pair perfectly with our bonnets, especially thrifted outfits! 90% of Lily's wardrobe is second hand & it's my favorite way to dress her.



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