Amazing Upcycle


Remember my thrift adventure a week or so back? I found this cute little eyelet runner tucked in with the lace curtains. Even if I don’t have a design in mind for something when I see it out thrifting I always grab it because I never know when two textiles will come together. This runner just so happened to pair perfectly with a vintage cross-stitch I’d just found on Etsy - then paired with some donated eyelet & BAM ❤️ you’ve got the most beautiful little batch of OOAK bonnets
Any designer who works with textiles knows that whites are very hard to match, then throw in working with vintage textiles & having to piece together many different items found at different times - it takes some talent but also a lot of patience. Call me crazy but I like to think that these things are just waiting to become bonnets. Like I was set out in this mission of saving textiles from waste JUST to find these forgotten gems & turn them into something beautiful. The little bits of things that are sent to us, that I find out thrifting or we purchase from an online seller - I am the place these textiles are meant to end up, to come together & make the most beautiful bonnets you can buy ☺️ might seem a wee bit overkill but I’m serious - I truly love doing this, there’s nothing else in this world I would rather be doing (ask Mom, I’ve been searching my whole life for the right “thing”)
It’s really rewarding to get to do a job I love every day & I don’t take it lightly thay you’re the reason I’m here still doing it. These bonnets and a few more OOAK gems 🍄 are on the website right now. I made a new collection called “recently listed” so that things are easier to find if you’re wanting to shop the latest drops. I can’t thank you guys enough for being here - really in my feels this morning as I can sense the love for this business flowing back into me. Life has been exhausting lately but the security of a schedule is making things feel more doable ❤️ love & bonnets, guys. Thanks for always being here.

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