Help me name this bonnet design!

It felt really good to sit down at my sewing machines yesterday and do something creative. I made two more scrappy bonnet panels from other hoarded fabric scraps later that day. Is that what we should call them? Scrappy bonnets? Not sure I like that… makes them seem discarded when really they’re a lot of work & deserve that recognition… I shall stew on this a little bit 😂 anyways, I’m excited to make more of these. I have ever single scrap left over from the Tanya floral & I might dig into it today 😍
Also, taking a week off from the thrifted outfit g*ways (damn algorithm doesn’t like when you use the whole word) I need to regroup a bit after I get this spark of creative inspo out of my system as I have a bunch of other pending collabs I need to do! So, go enter the last one - it’ll be open for another week ❤️🚂

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