Just size up!


I started this business in 2016 by raiding my own closet of clothes that didn’t serve me anymore - too small, no longer my style, stains or holes - it was a treasure trove of quality textiles that could be upcycled into something new ♻️💪🏻 I can’t believe that 7 years later we’re still saving textiles from waste ❤️ this very loved, very beautiful, amazing corduroy bonnet is in the shop right now 😍 & if you’re buying a size up bonnet for your babe remember that it’s ok for you, too, to size up in anything. Just buy the bigger size - that’s it. The end.
View our shop to see what’s new - we drop new bonnets all the time 🙌🏻 the majority of our bonnets are made from either upcycled clothing/textiles, vintage materials, or secondhand/donated yardage. We’re saving this world from textile waste #onebonnetatatime ♻️


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