Oh, lovely Evie

Pssssst! I found some Evie fabric in my stash! Not a ton of it so if this is your go to holiday bonnet pop into the shop now! I love how @ourgirlielittlelife styled it last year for the holidays. Someone remind me, is this the 4th year we’ve done this bonnet? I have Leia’s saved for Lily (and her @thecrossgrain skirt!) so hopefully we can find more fabric for next year - maybe even collab again!? Ashley… where you at!? 😆❤️

View our shop to see what's new - we drop new bonnets all the time 🙌🏻 the majority of our bonnets are made from either upcycled clothing/textiles, vintage materials, or secondhand/donated yardage. We’re saving this world from textile waste #onebonnetatatime ♻️

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