Stepping Stones

I used to think that because I make baby bonnets for a living that all of the skills I have learned at previous jobs, my college degrees, the countless hours I have spent perfecting other talents of mine - that because I don’t use those skills on a daily basis to make money anymore my time was wasted at those jobs. When in reality they have shaped me into the person I am today.
So whether you’re at the beginning of your journey, on your stepping stones or at your final destination, know that all that you have (or will) experienced along the way will help to create the life you want to live for yourself, for your family, & for your children (if you choose to have any ❤️).
I never in a MILLION years thought I’d end up making baby bonnets for a living but I can tell you what each job I’ve had along the way has contributed to the life I live today. I’m grateful to be here doing what I love & even more grateful for all your support ❤️ love & bonnets, guys. I have some fun things planned for this week!

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