Vintage Buttercup Upcycle

It’s taking every single ounce of self discipline to not keep one of these for Lily! I haven’t fallen hard for a textile in a really long time but when I saw this vintage handkerchief I knew it had to be a bonnet (or two!) 🌼🌿🌸 also, I know we went from holiday collection to spring floral here 😂 but that’s what you get with SAA - I don’t stick to trends or seasons, I make what inspires me & this floral did just that. It’s on the website right now - go give them good homes before I keep them both 🤣❤️ love & bonnets, guys 🤗
View our shop to see what’s new - we drop new bonnets all the time 🙌🏻 the majority of our bonnets are made from either upcycled clothing/textiles, vintage materials, or secondhand/donated yardage. We’re saving this world from textile waste #onebonnetatatime ♻️

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