Our Feature in our Local Newspaper!

We were recently featured in our local newspaper, The Montague Reporter, as a thriving business in our community. Both Marc and I met working for a newspaper and I had worked in publishing since I was a senior in high school working summers as the layout editor of the classifieds. Newspapers are special for us because without them we would have never found each other, fallen in love and started a family. I often think that this business thrives because we were both a big part of editing, designing and printing a daily publication - nothing teaches you how to stay consistent than producing a newspaper daily. 

We hope you enjoy the article below and we're thankful to Karen Guilette for writing such a wonderful piece about our business that we love so much.


"Keefe mentions that she was once accused of not really using upcycled materials in her creations. She says she was quite shocked that anyone would think that but realized it was a blessing in disguise. She understood that the more transparent and honest she was with her customers about the process, the more her following would grow. It also prompted her to create a “before and after” (first one pictured below done in Sept 2016) video feature on the material used, which has become quite popular."

“I think what makes Sweet As April stand out from the crowd is that we really aren’t just creating heirloom quality baby hats, we’ve grown a community of like-minded people from across the globe that love vintage textiles and care about reducing waste,” says Keefe’s assistant Janelle Simmons. “As a customer and as an employee I’ve watched it become a beautiful collaboration with both a successful business and mission, and I’m thankful to play a small part in it.”


Montague Reporter Article

According to one bonnet enthusiast, “Carrie is an awesome person who puts her heart and soul into her bonnets. She uses preloved fabrics and that is much better than buying anything mass produced by far! And her family is wonderful! Supporting them is a joy.”

Montague Reporter Article