Turn-Around Time & Shipping

Any shipping confirmations or order updates are sent to the email address that's associated with your order.
  • Turn Around Time

    A lot of our bonnets are made-to-order (MTO). This allows us to use only what is needed, adjust inventory when things sell & restock popular sizes. It also means that we're able to do preorders with our exclusive designs & reduce more waste by not CREATING more than we sell. This hasn't always been the case for us but we're so proud of the steps we've made to streamline this business in 2024


    That being said, all of our MTO bonnets are done within 7 days of purchase & our Exclusive bonnets han take up to 3 weeks - we have to leave a window for having our fabric printed, we never like to order more than what's needed. Some bonnets are ready to ship (RTS) like the one-of-a-kind bonnets & a limited stock of our pixies. With the RTS bonnets, if your order is placed before our next ship date (see next section) it will go out sooner than our 7 business day turnaround time (TAT).


    If you order a MTO and/or an Exclusive print PLUS a RTS bonnet on the same order, your RTS bonnet will ship together with the other bonnet(s). If any of this is confusing - just contact me. I am always happy to chat!

  • Shipping

    We ship all orders (or try to!) within 7 business days. Our schedule lately has been shipping all completed orders by Friday. That means if your bonnet is ordered on Thursday but still needs to be made it will go out the following Friday - still within the 7 business day TAT. But, like I said in the previous section, if the only bonnet(s) you ordered are RTS your order could go out sooner.


    The beauty of shopping small is that I am always here to chat with you if need be. But also, we're looking to keep our business as streamlined as possible. We have one person organizing, packing, shipping & delivering all of your packages to the post office. We're not Amazon Prime but we do a mighty good job of being pretty darn fast for a handmade business.


    Please be patient with us & like I said, if you need to get in touch I am always here. The form to contact us is at the bottom of this page.

  • Lost Package or Incorrect Address:

    We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages.  Please ensure your shipping address is correct before placing your order, if you need to change it afterward please CONTACT US ASAP.


    If your package is sent back due to an address error or post office error we are not responsible for getting it back to you. We will notify you that it's come back & you're welcome to pay again to have it shipped. If you are not wanting to pay for it to be shipped again we are happy to refund your order.


    Just as you would pay for a taxi to get you to your destination, your shipping charge is like paying the postal service to get your package to you. We cannot control what happens at the post office after we've ensured your bonnets are packed, labeled, & delivered correctly by us. Please contact your local post office for any delivery issues or missing packages.

Whether you have a question, feedback or just want to chat we're always happy to hear from you.