The Materials We Use

Our website is organized in a way that lets you choose exactly how you'd like to shop. We buy all different kinds of textiles at different price points to not only make the best quality product we can but to also be sure it's always accessible to everyone.

Below you will find each section with an outline of what it contains. The trims we use for our bonnets are all new materials, we make our trims in-house & source the fabric from small US vendors whenever possible. You can click the link to shop any collection or continue down to fill out our contact form so we can answer any questions you may have
  • Upcycled

    This collection contains all of the textiles we have upcycled & saved from heading to a landfill. From shirts to curtains, cushion covers & tablecloths we upcycle just about anything that would "make a good bonnet". Our business is ever-changing, just as we humans change throughout our lives, but something that will never change here at SAA is our mission to create magic by using preloved materials to make our product. Forever & always we're aiming to do our part by saving this world from textile waste one bonnet at a time.


    When fabric content info is available we will include it in each listing. If you have any questions about a certain bonnet you can always contact us & we'll do our best to help.

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  • Sourced

    For years now we've been sourcing textiles from online sellers, eBay masters & small local shops to bring you our amazingly unique designs. We have also tapped into some of the wonderful mainstream fabrics that not only make up in to cute bonnets but also allow us to keep our product affordable while maintaining the level of quality we are known for.


    This collection contains some vintage, some modern, some independent & some mainstream textiles. Pretty much is has something for everyone helping us remain the "bonnet maker for the people"

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  • Exclusive

    This collection contains all of my (Carrie) exclusive designs. They are hand-painted on my iPad & brought to life by a small fabric printing business that we work with. It's all 100% organic cotton printed with chemical-free, Oeko-Tex 100 certified, and biodegradable inks. The majority of the fabric is produced in the USA but if not it's purchased primarily from US based vendors.


    This has been a long-time dream of mine. When Elliot was born I picked up my first watercolor paintbrush I have been hooked ever since. I have tried many times to "get out there" with my artwork & I am over the moon that we're able to do it in such a big way now with this business.

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Whether you have a question, feedback or just want to chat we're always happy to hear from you.