A little business update

A little business update


Hi guys! This morning I went LIVE on IG to chat with you all about the changes I plan to make to this business going forward with social media & how we stock the website.

If I am being honest, I have not been enjoying creating content lately because no one actually sees it. I am not one to measure my success by the number of likes, views, or comments BUT when everything you do doesn't seem to get seen by ANY of your followers anymore it becomes really discouraging. And maybe it's that people don't actually enjoy the content I make... which very well could be. But moving a lot of our content to this blog & using IG in a way that will actually push our content out on social media means I can enjoy the best of both worlds. Those who want to be here for the "old Carrie content" can come to our website & those who enjoy the fast-paced & reel-focused platform that IG has become can remain there (or enjoy both! Whatever floats your boat!)

Does that make sense? I just want to get back to enjoying this business again, to not feel like I am just making things to "have a drop" or create content around. I want to get back to making the most beautiful bonnets your money can buy & use my talents to create the OOAK collections that you have all enjoyed over the years.

So, these are the things that will be happening with SAA going forward:

• We will be adding products to the website as things are made
As much as I love doing the monthly drops (we tried going back to them for 6 months as a trial run) the way that we used to promote the bonnets just isn't working as well as it once was. The only way to push content out is to create video content (like Reels & TikToks) which I don't always have the time to do so nor do I always feel inspired to make them. Instead, I will be using IG in a way that DOES push content out to our followers but those who want to learn more about our business & purchase our products will need to venture onto our website.

• Sign up for our newsletter & text campaigns
So, now that product will be added a couple of times during the week you will want to be signed up for our newsletter. When things are added to the website a corresponding newsletter will be sent out. This is because when I send newsletters, sales are made - imagine that! Kind of like the way IG used to be! It makes sense for us to reach our 10k+ subscribers that way & be sure they're seeing what's being added. You can also tune in daily to this blog where the same content will be posted.

• Getting back to creating art
I LOVE pattern design - like the repeating patterns for textiles. I used to share all of the content over on Elleia Made & if I am completely honest (which when am I not...???) I stopped sharing because that account & the artwork is where I always went to process our miscarriages. Since having Lily I have not ventured back over there except to share some of my crochet patterns. As much as I love watercolors & painting I really wanted to just enjoy our rainbow baby without having something that reminded me of the heartache we went through to get to her. But I am ready to go back because this baby is SO LOVED, I finally feel whole again & I am able to separate the rainbow baby from those babies we lost - they were all guiding us to her. I would love to sell my watercolor patterns, work on some more crochet patterns, & sell my original artwork again - so many things.

I think that about sums it up. I will also be blogging about our family life if you enjoy keeping up with that content, & some small shop community blog posts as well. I will continue to share to IG stories about the daily happenings with our family, Lily at the studio with me &, of course, bonnets.

You're welcome to leave comments here for me to read & respond to. I love connecting with you guys. You can always email me, too, at hello@sweetasapril.com. Love & bonnets, guys. Thanks for being here as we navigate this business & the madness which is social media!

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