A Very Special Custom Upcycle

‼️ TRIGGER WARNING - talk of miscarriage 💔
Danny was one of the first people I told that I was pregnant back in 2021. In a package with this shirt he sent along a baby doppler that he used with Wilder that I sadly never got to use with that pregnancy (I’ve since sent it to another parent in our community to use for their rainbow baby!). I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t triggering thinking about pulling out this shirt to work on custom bonnets for @dannythetransdad ‘s sweet Wilder - I was supposed to use Danny’s gift of that doppler to listen to the heartbeat of that sweet baby we never got to meet.
But this year is about healing for me because although our rainbow baby is finally here with us the many miscarriages we suffered are still hard to revisit. Photo memories, songs, videos, & even projects like this one can brings back a flood of emotions 😔💔 But I’m getting better about pushing through, living in the present & being able to gift these all to Wilder knowing they will wear them proudly remembering Danny’s grandpa - it means so much. We even snuck a tiny 3-6 month bonnet for a maybe baby for Danny & Wilder ❤️ I feel so honored to get to make custom bonnets for you guys (currently not offering custom Soleil Hats but we’re working on it!) & I’m even more honored to have friends like Danny who are oh so patient with me ❤️ love & bonnets, guys. Thanks for your love with our epic sale that’s happening right now 🤗

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