Love & bonnets, we're LIVE!

Love & bonnets, we're LIVE!

 And here we are again - another month has gone by & another batch of bonnets is up on the website 💪🏻❤️ I’ll be honest, I thought for sure I wouldn’t have enough for this month's drop. Between how busy our summer has been & getting our new pixie style perfected - I really didn’t think we’d make it. But no matter what life throws at us - raising our children & being consistent with this business is our main priority.


It’s a funny way to think of it but this business, at least for me, is like having another child. We grow, nurture, care for & tend to this business on a daily basis just as we do our own children. You guys, our community, are what keeps this business going. Your comments, shares, purchases, messages - all of it is fuel for us to do what we love. For example - I have had a pretty hard week. I’m just not feeling that well & our home life is a bit tense right now. But I opened my DMs to a message from a long-time follower showing me one of our Soleil Hats in Greece. Another message was from a first-time mother gushing over her baby in her first SAA bonnet. And yet another message today was from an OG follower saying she’s putting hand-me-down baby clothes in the mail for Lily along with a baby carrier for me to try.

The point is, on the days I don’t feel like showing up, you’re all here cheering me on. And I hope how consistent we are with this business conveys how much we care about you guys - you’ve invested a lot in us over the years & we truly appreciate it. I only wish I could be in Greece with that customer, tie that newborn bonnet on that Mama’s fresh new babe & have a baby-wearing meet-up so you all could help me figure out what Lily likes best ❤️ I truly love you guys. Thanks for always being here (not sure why but I’m almost in tears 😂🥲❤️) love & bonnets, I can’t wait to see what you all get 🤗


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