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Bonnet Critter - Mama & Ducklings

Bonnet Critter - Mama & Ducklings

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Fun fact: Marc & I spent our first dates browsing bookstores & hanging out in the children’s book section ☺️ it’d be a dream come true to write one together.
So, two things that need to happen before we can even start. We need our home office to be set up which involves reorganizing the playroom & moving my computer home from the studio. But the big thing, which you can all easily help with, is funding a new iPad for me. I do the majority of the digital work - Marc is the “idea guy”, the character creator and the writer. My iPad is great, it’s brought me this far. But in order to create the art I really want to make I need an iPad that has a bit more power ⚡️ so I’ll be adding all of my practice drawings & any other digital download goodies to a collection on our website, shared in stories & linked in my highlights. They’ll be suuuuuper inexpensive, like cheaper than a coffee 😆 I figure if enough of you contribute I just might be able to bump my “iPad savings account” up a bit and move the goal post (currently set at spring 2025) a bit closer 🫶🏻 thank you all for the continued support - we’ve had an idea for a children’s book for 14 years now & it feels about time to make it come to life ❤️
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